Friday, March 29, 2019

What I’m Watching: You’re the Worst

You’re the Worst: Season 5, Episode 11 “Four Goddamn More Days” (B+)

With just two episodes to go, it’s getting increasingly disconcerting to see openings like the one here with Gretchen meeting someone in a bar and recalling that she almost got married once. While that could be something from the distant past, it doesn’t feel that way, especially considering the panicked look on Jimmy’s face at the very end of this half-hour. Preparing a romantic candlelit night for Gretchen was very sweet and actually quite uncharacteristic, and she chose that moment to unload all of the things she hadn’t told him. His verbal response indicated support, but that’s definitely not how he’s feeling at the moment. I thought that she was just running away to work to escape having to think about the forever-ness of getting married, but seeing her at a desk by the water made it clear just how out of touch with reality she was. Taking Edgar’s pills and then lashing out at him when he stalked and confronted her wasn’t a good sign, and it doesn’t appear that Edgar shared much of what he had learned with Jimmy before helping him plan the romantic evening. I did enjoy the focus on Lindsay in this episode, as she turned her metaphorical comment into a literal one when she visited Yvette at work and then promptly fell out of her would-be lover’s favor by trying to put in a good word for Gretchen. Despite his surprising parental past, Vernon was a strange choice to help her invest in being a lesbian, and her haircut was hardly her worst misstep. Even she, a top contender for the dumbest character on this show, knew that asking about severance after threatening to stab her boss was far from intelligent.

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