Wednesday, March 27, 2019

What I’m Watching: This Is Us

This Is Us: Season 3, Episode 16 “Don’t Take My Sunshine Away” (B)

It’s never enjoyable to watch a situation implode when it’s clear from the outset that one person isn’t behaving the right away. Randall’s entire attitude towards Beth’s career revival has been bad from the start, and letting out his feelings about it on the voicemail was a serious mistake. I worried that he was going to get caught deleting the message while Beth was watching, but it was much worse than that, with her having to suffer through the entire meal knowing just what he thoughts of her newfound priorities. I do like that Randall didn’t sleep over in Philly and instead forced a conversation, or, rather, confrontation, to deal head-on with the problems they’ve having. Hopefully they’ll lead to a good place, though that might be considerably farther down the road. Kate also gets points for managing to talk Toby down and show him how she was able to perceive their newborn child, even giving herself the freedom to take a break when it was clear that he was capable of being with Jack. I should have known that Sophie showing up in the flashback meant that she would appear in the present too, and I’m so glad that she’s engaged so that Kev couldn’t mess up yet another relationship by doing the wrong thing. Sophie had him pegged, showing him that he really hasn’t ever had to make a choice. While I’m not sure that I see him and Zoe long-term, he seems to, and so let’s hope it all goes well. The dance flashbacks were fine, highlighted by Rebecca and Jack getting caught making out by Randall in the library.

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