Saturday, March 23, 2019

What I’m Watching: Billions (Season Premiere)

Billions: Season 4, Episode 1 “Chucky Roades’ Greatest Game” (B)

I had mostly forgotten about this show, and I certainly didn’t remember how things had ended when last we left it. It’s very strange to see Chuck go around New York City asking anyone and everyone for a favor and to have Axe be the only one to tell him he’ll do anything he needs just because he’s asking. The two of them being on the same side is jarring given how much they’ve hated and gone after each other over the years, and this new normal is going to take some getting used to. Chuck tried to pawn that parking pass (which I’d be curious to know if really exists and love to get my hands on) off so many times it was getting unbearable, but it was the best set-up possible for the number one connection to the ambassador to owe him anything he wanted. It’s impressive that Chuck can still accomplish so much even after he’s fallen from grace, leading to that peculiar ending with him and Richie lying in the street. Axe is also fighting to stay in power, competing against Taylor, who compromised their identity to score an important investment, and Grigor, who showed up to threaten him to back off Taylor. I’m getting tired of the theatrics at Axe Capital, with Wendy joining the aggressive firing at the start of the episode, and Wags is definitely getting out of control too. I’m still interested to see where this show goes this season, but I’m not as fully engaged as I used to be.

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