Tuesday, March 5, 2019

What I’m Watching: Will and Grace

Will and Grace: Season 10, Episode 13 “The Real McCoy” (B)

It’s always fun to see one actor concurrently appearing on more than one show, and that’s the case for the charming Matt Bomer, who is starring as a superpowered former pilot and disfigured accident victim on the very different “Doom Patrol” on DC Universe. The bird’s nest roof story was a strange and unsubtle way to bring McCoy back that also managed to distract Grace for a good portion of the episode, which definitely ranked as the less appealing of the focuses in this episode. McCoy is indeed an entertaining character, so self-involved and concerned with how attractive he was in high school that Will pushing him to open up and be his real self led to him melting in a way that didn’t appeal so much to the man who Jack insisted on consistently reminding would be coming to his wedding as a plus zero. Telling Will that he loved him after just a few days was a big step, and who would have thought that Jack would be the one to use a simple metaphor to convince McCoy that he needed to ease up a little and maybe their relationship might work. Molly Shannon is a talented actress, one who received an Emmy nomination just last year for portraying Val, and I enjoyed her scenes with Karen when they agreed on how to signal that they were lying, something that Grace wasn’t so into when she nearly lost her top would-be supporter’s vote by having Karen do some illicit bribery.

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