Tuesday, March 12, 2019

What I’m Watching: Will and Grace

Will and Grace: Season 10, Episode 14 “Supreme Courtship” (B)

It’s rare that Will gets the upper hand with Jack in anything, and here he had just that, forcing Jack to call him on his bluff when he suggested that the only way he could move past his attraction to Estefan was to physically act on it. Jack always like to put on a front, and it was great to see Will push him outside his comfort zone by making him admit his true feelings instead of just cover them up by blaming someone else. One of my favorite things on television is when characters who don’t usually share the screen get to have scenes together, and watching Noah and Karen together was moderately satisfying. I’m not sure I buy Noah as the secret author of romance novels, especially because he has such a distinct and recognizable voice as the critic no one asked him to be. But Karen pointing a gun at his computer unless he changed the ending to revive the main character was an entertaining sight, and I like that she went back to being her usual uncaring self when Noah tried to unload on her about Valentine’s Day and his feelings from Grace. Knocking Ruth Bader Ginsburg onto the curb because she was going to get into her cab was an unfortunate but predictable move for the singularly-focused Grace, and I like that RBG (not the real one, of course) forgave her unknown assailant because she understands just how hard it is to get a cab in New York City.

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