Sunday, March 24, 2019

What I’m Watching: Black Monday

Black Monday: Season 1, Episode 8 “7042” (B)

This was probably the calmest and most normative episode of this show yet, though it did also involve a previously unused flashback device. I’m not sure what the exact connection between Mo being sent to prison as part of a sting orchestrated by Connie and the events of this episode other than that he felt betrayed by someone he trusted and will never be able to get over that. Dawn showing up at his cabin pointing a gun at him and thinking that he was trying to get rid of Tiff’s cremated remains led to a more cathartic experience, capped by Dawn’s determination that she can save the Georgina play, which was unfortunately coupled with her confession that she is falling for Blair too, something Mo will never accept. Dawn was helpful in trying to calm Blair down despite defending the term “kidding napping,” and it will be interesting to see how she spins the Georgina play pitch to him after denying knowing anything about it. I really liked the casting of Derek Cecil, best known for playing the straight-laced Seth on “House of Cards,” as Detective Lester, whose bedside manner seemed poor at the start and then revealed himself to be totally absurd by playing charades with Blair to get him to come clean. His acceptance of the Georginas’ claim that they hadn’t in fact engineered their daughter’s kidnapping and that the abductors had spontaneously decided to let her go was fittingly ridiculous, but not at all surprising for this show.

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