Wednesday, March 20, 2019

What I’m Watching: Will and Grace

Will and Grace: Season 10, Episode 15 “Bad Blood” (B)

This episode was relatively entertaining, but it was hardly the best example of execution for comic storylines on this show. Marty and Marilyn showing up to share that they don’t fight was never going to end well, and Marilyn refusing to hear anything Grace said when she started the sentence with “Mom” was the least of their issues. Though he’s incredibly intolerant, Marty at least knows what he doesn’t want to confront, acknowledging the “me too” moment that he and Grace had, and not wanting to be held accountable for another area in which he wasn’t being progressive. Rejecting Will’s blood and then still telling Marilyn that he had taken it wasn’t a nice move, and it was good to see Marilyn spring to Will’s defense. She even secretly told Grace that she could call her Mom when no one else was around and if she was reading her mood properly. Will stood up for himself to Marty too, which was affirming, and it was a refreshing treat to see him stand up for something where he was totally right and didn’t have to worry that someone would judge him for it. Jack, on the other hand, was completely subservient to a dominant Karen, who tried to take over both his wedding and his play by injecting her influence because she was paying for everything. This show has always been risqué, but I’m curious how they’re going to incorporate this fountain that everyone seemed so excited about it, which has already been the subject of a few unsubtle double entendres.

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