Thursday, February 7, 2019

What I’m Watching: I’m Sorry

I’m Sorry: Season 2, Episode 4 “Couple’s Massage” (B+)

This season feels like it’s had a lot more to say about parenting than the first year, and I’m all for it. Amelia asking Santa for an iPad help start them on a productive course towards teaching her what money means which was completely undone by Sharon giving Amelia her used iPad so that she could get a new one. Andrea always seems to have the worst luck of running into people when she’s with a newly educated Amelia, who in this case suggested that they didn’t have $3 to spend on socks when Andrea was recognized by a Sony exec. Starting chores to earn her allowance is a good idea, though her concept of how much five weeks’ worth will end up getting her is considerably skewed. Going for a couple’s massage with her mother was probably never a smart plan, and her mom moaning loudly during it wasn’t even the worst part, after she had already been a bit too receptive to Santa’s flirtation. I keep wondering where we’ll see Lennon Parham’s Beth again, and having her show up when both she and Andrea were topless was just the right level of uncomfortable for Andrea, who had no choice but to lean into the topless hug so generously offered. Wishing the number of people she had slept with was higher than it was felt very in character, and the final scene with her running into the former neighbor who she thought she had hooked up with but actually hadn’t was predictably embarrassing.

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