Saturday, August 31, 2019

Emmy Episodes: Schitt’s Creek

It’s always my policy to watch every Emmy-nominated episode each year, which leads me to sample a handful of shows that I don’t tune in to on a regular basis. For the fourth year in a row, I’m making a special effort to spotlight each of those installments to offer my perspective on shows that I don’t review each week.

Schitt’s Creek: Season 5, Episode 13 “The Hike” (B)

I’ve been wondering since I first started watching this show when Patrick and David would get engaged, especially since most of the episodes I’ve seen deal with various tests in their relationship. David was doing plenty of complaining as they took what really didn’t seem like a particularly long hike to their picnic, and then of course Patrick had to go ahead and get injured. He seemed very touched that David knew how to take care of him, and he was able to choreograph it perfectly so that he could get down on one knee to propose as David was distracted by taking out the ring. I’m happy for them, and I’ve only recently just started to get to know them. As if Alexis wasn’t frantic enough about this trip that she was going to go on with Ted, the tarot card reading from Twyla with images of boats capsizing just made her more crazed. It’s also evident that she doesn’t listen at all, since this wasn’t a vacation but rather a work trip that she happened to be going on with him. Johnny’s health scare turned out to not be such a big deal, though Roland didn’t help matters at all by consistently referencing a friend of his who ended up dying from what he thought was nothing. It was a relief to discover that he was fine and that he was most at risk of boring the doctor to death with stories that were far too long and uninteresting.

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