Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Round Two: Four Weddings and a Funeral

Four Weddings and a Funeral: Season 1, Episode 2 “Hounslow” (B)

In its second outing, this show continues to be entertaining and watchable, even if it might not be the most highbrow relationship drama. After the wedding that wasn’t, Ainsley was evidently having a lot of trouble getting over Kash, and not returning any of her texts or calls hardly helped her to move forward. Donating pretty much everything of his in their apartment enabled her to get some revenge, though she couldn’t know what a mistake it was to send Maya over to Kash’s since she won over his entire family. At least Maya was smart enough to realize that talking to him after he showed up at Ainsley’s door to try to explain himself would have been a mistake. She did dress up a bit too much to go meet Ted after he texted her about being in London, and she wasn’t at all prepared for his wife to show up. Shelley Conn, who I’ve seen previously on “Liar” and “Terra Nova,” made quite an impression in just that scene as Liz, who wasn’t about to let Maya even think about continuing any sort of relationship with her husband, which will finally enable Maya to make the decision to stay in London. It’s not going to make things any easier for her male friends, with Duffy finally trying to take the hint and respond to advances from a colleague, and Craig having to prioritize his girlfriend over her. I’m glad that we met Julia, who’s played by Ashely Madekwe from “Secret Diary of a Call Girl,” and she may now be open to Craig having some interaction with her daughter, if Zara is okay with it. The other person who’s going to have to adjust to Maya being around more is Gemma, who’s still not fond of the number one competition for Ainsley’s attention.

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