Saturday, August 24, 2019

Round Two: Why Women Kill

Why Women Kill: Season 1, Episode 2 “I’d Like to Kill Ya; But I Just Washed My Hair” (B+)

In its second outing, this show demonstrates that it is following three equally interesting and distinctly different storylines. The most uncomfortable one to watch is that of Beth Ann, who wants nothing more than to be looked at by her husband who, even after falling out of the shower during an ill-fated sex act, wanted to go out and engage in an affair under the guise of a necessary business dinner. April was eager to befriend Beth Ann but revealed that she was well aware that Rob was married and that he must just be bored by his unexciting housewife. Beth Ann should really spend more time with her neighbor Sheila, played by Alicia Coppola from “Jericho,” even if some of her advice isn’t exactly right for Beth Ann’s situation. Lucy Liu is obviously relishing the opportunity to play a different role than the one she’s been occupying on “Elementary” for years, and her character’s concern is most about not being embarrassed. I was pleased to recognize another neighbor in the form of her best friend Naomi, played by Katie Finneran from “Brockmire,” “Wonderfalls,” and much more. Tommy’s catering-truck tablecloth bed may not be the most romantic place for passion, but his youthful sex drive and her anger at her husband seem to have her convinced. In the present, Jade was perfectly into the idea of a threesome with Taylor and Eli, but the closeness between Jade and Taylor is most going to be a problem since, even if Eli’s gotten over it for the moment, Taylor is realizing who she really wants to be with, and it’s not her husband. The opening scene seemed to confirm that these women do indeed kill their husbands, though it’s not entirely apparent who the murder victim is in each case, something I’m sure we’ll discover eventually.

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