Thursday, August 22, 2019

Take Three: Our Boys

Our Boys: Season 1, Episode 3 “Chapter 3: Two Packs of Red Next” (B+)

This episode pulled out from Mohammed’s story to focus on the investigation, which involves many layers and preconceived notions. This hour in particular helped to answer for me the question of this show’s existence, since it serves as an examination of Israeli and Palestinian society and all the intricacies that make it so complex. Simon was still the only one who believed that Jews were the ones who killed Mohammed, and despite the best efforts of everyone else to list the many reasons that it couldn’t have been them, the straightforward testimony from the store clerk on a pilgrimage with his family confirmed that they were speaking Hebrew and didn’t match the description of his normal Arab customers. The religious kids barbecuing were all too willing to talk to him, and his conversation with Rabbi Ben-David was full of foreboding undertones. Simon was mostly honest and direct with Hussein when he walked in to talk to him, and it was reassuring to see him finally talk to the woman who had reported her son’s near-kidnapping, even if it came far too late. He appears to be truly invested in uncovering the truth, not merely supporting what he already thinks. Hussein remained in denial for the entirety of the episode even when he returned home to find his entire house in mourning, and the impact of getting that call was felt by watching his face without having to hear anything. Chaos is sure to erupt soon, and finding proof of which Jews were responsible for the murder won’t help abate any of that.

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