Thursday, August 8, 2019

What I’m Watching: Euphoria (Season Finale)

Euphoria: Season 1, Episode 8 “And Salt the Earth Behind You” (B)

This was a fittingly hypnotic finale that didn’t serve to bring all of the plotlines to a close but rather to redirect them for the second season, which I continue to look forward to since I think it will be able to more strongly explore its characters’ next steps. This show has impressed me greatly in terms of its investment in its portrayal of its players’ backstories, its cinematography, its editing, and its narration style. This episode got a little into that at the end of the hour with the dancing and singing, but I can understand that it’s one way to interpret the wild inner machinations of Rue’s mind as she slipped back into drug use and Cassie as she grappled with the significance of the procedure she was having. What I found to be more effective was the group sitting around at the winter formal talking about what they’ve observed. I’m glad that Kat was finally open and honest with Ethan, and maybe their relationship could work out until her extracurricular activities are eventually revealed. Cal telling Maddy that her relationship with Nate was not sustainable was harsh, and good for her for finally sticking up for herself and ending things, though that didn’t last too long if their dance was any indication. Maddy suggesting to Nate that sexuality is a spectrum did not go over well, and he completely crumpled and lost it when his dad pinned him down after his solo game success. So much of Rue and Jules’ conversation was hypnotic, but, after everything, Rue is back to being alone and using. I don’t know how this show will fare come awards time, but I’d love to see its performances and technical elements deservedly recognized.

Season grade: B
Season MVPs: Zendaya as Rue, Hunter Schafer as Jules, and Sydney Sweeney as Cassie

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