Thursday, August 29, 2019

What I’m Watching: Four Weddings and a Funeral

Four Weddings and a Funeral: Season 1, Episode 5 “Love, Chalet” (B)

I like the pace that this show moves at, especially when it’s framed opposite a reality show that’s drawing in countless viewers – namely all of our characters – on a weekly basis. Having the hand-written “a few days later” and other markers transition between days is also clever, and this show continues to grow on me five hours in. Maya agreeing to give a relationship with Duffy a shot was a surprise, and it’s now being framed as Duffy constantly being told how much better than him Maya is, something he too is starting to feel when she completely ignored him and left him behind to take Kash to the hospital. It was clever, and subtle at first, that a potential relationship between Gemma and Duffy was being set up, because they’re both lonely people who aren’t noticed by anyone else, and Duffy thought to invite Gemma out for a much-needed night on the town so that she could forget about being without her son and late husband. It would work out so well if Gemma and Duffy made out or slept together at the same time as Maya and Kash did, but that will still leave one very angry person, Ainsley, who was furious to find out that Craig invited Kash over when she said she couldn’t make it. It’s also possible that Dermot Mulroney’s shoe-burning divorcé will become a love interest for her. Craig going on the reality show to propose was a sweet romantic gesture, and it shocked even him to see that it ended up working when Zara showed up at the end of the episode to scratch her head in a way that even he didn’t misinterpret.

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