Saturday, August 3, 2019

What I’m Watching: Divorce (Penultimate Episode)

Divorce: Season 3, Episode 5 “Away Games” (B)

I liked this episode more before I realized that it was the upcoming installment is the series finale. With her future with Henry uncertain, Frances was more than open to the idea of a romance, or at least an enthusiastic one-night stand, with Jeremy, something that Robert wasn’t even able to truly care about since he had to contend with a disruptive problematic element and an issue of a player breaking the rules. Jackie sent him off with a loaded goodbye, and the question she asked immediately upon his return was indicative of her dismissive attitude towards his unfortunate choice of words and sentiments during the dinner party. It was interesting that Frances was the one to make the call about Cecily being taken out of the game since she’s the only one of the chaperones who’s not actually a coach, and she was least impacted by it even though the game loss was pretty crushing to all of them since they would likely have won with their star player not benched. The big blowout between Jeremy and Robert was pretty intense, and it’s just another stressor Robert doesn’t really need now, not that we’re going to see much of its fallout with just thirty more minutes left in this show’s run. Diane does seem to be contemplating a relationship with an eighty-year-old man so that she can return to a life of luxury and fortune, which will likely make her happy. And though her she’s been featured so minimally recently, it was entertaining to see Dallas in the company of other medical professionals who had more than questionably crossed the line.

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