Friday, August 9, 2019

What I’m Watching: Perpetual Grace, LTD (Season Finale)

Perpetual Grace, LTD: Season 1, Episode 10 “A Sheriff in the Era of the Cartel” (B)

This finale was involving but couldn’t really compare to most of what’s happened in the run-up to it so far this season. We have no idea if a second season is going to happen, which is a shame, since I’d definitely be up for further exploration of these fascinating characters with this immensely talented cast. Glenn being the one asked to go over the entire plan at the start was entertaining, especially considering his minor word mix-up and his lack of confidence in his dad. New Leaf making baseball metaphors felt appropriate even before he explained that he was a minor league prospect convicted of manslaughter for hitting a player who was sleeping with his wife. James boarded that train, changing the metaphor for his parents to rain, and it seems like nearly every part of the plan was set to go off without a hitch. Walker concluding that, even with his analysis of all the tells of lying, he couldn’t deduce what was afoot here, had him ready to leave town, but a misjudged Dave was all it took for him to stay. That final scene indicated plenty of trouble for James given that Paul’s real uncle was in the audience, and hopefully we’ll be able to find out what happens next. Pa having to dig his own grave while Ma walked wasn’t looking good for either of them, but Hector being told to follow the plan resulted in no notable casualties other than himself. At least he got to narrate his own death as he would have written it. This show has been peculiar but immensely intriguing, and I’m definitely down to revisit this crew again. Let’s hope awards bodies like it too, even if it’s only Kingsley who earns the accolades.

Season grade: B+
Season MVPs: Luis Guzman as Hector and Dash Williams as Glenn

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