Thursday, August 29, 2019

What I’m Watching: Our Boys

Our Boys: Season 1, Episode 4 “Chapter 4: The Dawn Martyr” (B+)

This show continues to be intense and involving as the investigation begins to go even deeper, and it becomes clear why resolving it is crucially important to the safety and stability of the region. I’m consistently impressed by this show’s ability to portray all sides of the situation, representing missteps and preconceptions all around that both inform and bias events and decisions. Hussein being told where and when to bury his son felt like a horrific way to treat a mourning father, but as soon as the ambulances crossed back into a Palestinian area, even he couldn’t control the protesters who just wanted to take the body and march it back to Al-Aqsa. To his credit, Hussein understood what was going to happen and managed to change the anthem of the protesters, using it instead as a call to unity, calming that storm for now. Though he’s been pushing the idea that the killers were Jews since the beginning, Simon now seems more hesitant to make an arrest because he understands the gravity of such a move and how irreversible it would be if they got it wrong. Taking his brother’s yarmulke and heading to Shabbat services to spend more time with the suspects was a formidable way to end the episode, ready to offer viewers a close-up look at what the Ben-David family and community is really like. I recognized Noa Koler, the fantastic star of “The Wedding Plan,” as Devorah Segal, but didn’t identify popular Israeli actor Lior Ashkenazi as Uri Korb.

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