Thursday, August 8, 2019

What I’m Watching: iZombie (Series Finale)

iZombie: Season 5, Episode 13 “All’s Well That Ends Well”

It’s early August, which seems an unremarkable time for this series to end four and a half years after its March debut in 2015. But I’m happy that we were able to get five decent-length seasons out of this show, which explored notions of humans and zombies living peacefully – and then not so peacefully – together in Seattle, which became far more allegorical over the course of its run due to current events. I was impressed early on with how the first three season finales completely reframed the format and direction of the show, and while this final run was probably the least exciting and enticing overall, it was still involving and worthwhile. This closer provided some impactful and memorable moments, like Major boldly going on live TV and getting shot repeatedly by Enzo to prove that the zombie cure worked and Liv pushing Don-E into the well after he had just pushed Blaine down there. I for one was always a fan of Don-E, especially in the end, so I’m not sure he deserves to be trapped with Blaine for eternity, but he wasn’t exactly emanating promise after Darcy’s untimely death. Dale holding off on delivering her baby until Clive showed up was sweet, and it’s nice that they ended up raising Michelle’s child too following her death in the bombing of the police station. Flashing forward ten years to a virtual chat with Ravi, Peyton, and Clive was a fitting way to end the show, with the presumed-dead couple of Liv and Major showing up to remind them that paradise on Zombie Island is only a scratch away. This show has been entertaining and enthralling, standing out from other similar projects because of its inventiveness and strong characters, not to mention its comic book storyboard style. I’m glad I chose to stick with it after the pilot surprised me in a great way.

Series finale: B+
Series grade: B+
Season MVP: Rose McIver as Liv
Season grade: B+
Series MVP: Rose McIver
Best Season: Season 3
Best Episode: Pilot

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