Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Take Three: Another Life

Another Life: Season 1, Episode 3 “Nervous Breakdown” (B-)

I’m trying to get into this show, but I feel like it’s not really for me if I’m not overly invested in which characters die each episode and which ones survive. Airlocking crew members seems like an awfully casual activity, one that was apparently unnecessary and could have instead been replaced by some instant sterilization, something that probably should have been mentioned ahead of time by William but also was seemingly unavoidable. Niko going blind couldn’t have happened at a worst time, though she at least demonstrated that she was still able to lead even though she couldn’t see. Her condition was considerably better than Petra’s nervous system leaping out of her back like the title character from “Alien,” offering a rather grotesque sight that seems to be par for the course on this show. Niko also nearly got killed by Michelle, who’s only going to have so many chances at forgiveness for her mutinous behavior. Back on Earth, Harper is becoming a more prominent player, refusing to back off Erik and baiting him into a game of trivia to decide his cooperation level. Though he won the game, she was the true victor since she got him to give her information that for some reason he wants disseminated, a move that’s surely going to come back to haunt him. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll give episode four a shot, but this show isn’t quite delivering in the way I wanted it to at this point and likely won’t get there.

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