Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Netflix with Abe: Sense8 (Series Finale)

Sense8: Holiday Special “Amor Vincit Omnia”

I figured it was finally time to get around to watching this extended series finale since it first debuted on Netflix more than a full year ago. That was right around when I started doing a lot of traveling, and so it seemed impossible to find two and a half hours to devote to watching the epic conclusion to this incomparable series. The delay in my screening it is not at all indicative of my excitement level. Getting two seasons of this show and a wrap-up movie is honestly more than I and I assume most others ever expected, and it’s rare to have a show end with a dedication that reads “for our fans.” I’m definitely going to miss the slow-motion running and awesome music, and it was especially trippy to watch the sensates have a dance party on the bus while they were actually sleeping and sitting quietly. Having a handful of humans aren’t them who can only see the people actually there was both helpful and immensely confusing, and it’s cool that they’ve managed to assemble a group of allies who were able to help them fight BPO. Kala coaching them on how to save her life was a serious highlight, and Wolfgang launching a rocket to blow up the helicopter with Lila and Whispers aboard was a productively concrete way of taking out the group’s enemies. Nomi and Amanita’s wedding was indeed wonderful, and it wouldn’t have been right to end this show in any way other than an orgy, with flashbacks to each character’s sexual and romantic history. And they did all manage to pair off, or in several cases, find more than one partner. I’m not sure I’ll ever understand the intricacies of this show, the sensates, or the history of BPO, but it’s been a wild, enthralling ride unlike anything else I’ve ever seen. I hope this show continues to live on as one of the more singular and creative offerings on Netflix for many years and generations to come.

Series finale: B+
Series grade: B+
Series MVP: Jamie Clayton as Nomi
Best Episode: You Want a War?

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