Friday, August 9, 2019

What I’m Watching: The Loudest Voice (Penultimate Episode)

The Loudest Voice: Season 1, Episode 6 “2015” (B+)

As his health is declining and he’s no longer able to appear as strong as he’d like to, Roger is making sure to do the exact opposite of what he’s instructed in every case so that he can show that he’s still kicking. For anyone to expect to report to the same boss for nineteen years in a row is crazy, and Roger isn’t about to accept anything that feels like a demotion or him being pushed out by those he deems less capable. This limited series was supposed to be all about Fox News and the rise of Trump, with the latter being on full display in this hour as Roger coached him on how to officially launch his campaign and promised airtime to his team whenever they requested it so that they could help him win. I don’t want to read too much about what actually happened so that whatever I don’t know can still be revealed in the finale, but I am curious what here has been confirmed and corroborated rather than just assumed and invented by those who spent time around Roger and his closest associates. It’s reassuring to see Gretchen taking proactive action to try to take Roger down, continuing to record her conversations with Roger and consulting a lawyer to figure out what her options are. Getting out of the building without signing those papers upon her dismissal was particularly impressive, and now we’ll start to see the dominoes fall, though Roger’s ailing health may take care of him first.

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