Friday, January 3, 2020

What I’m Watching: The L Word: Generation Q

The L Word: Generation Q: Season 1, Episode 4 “LA Times” (B+)

This was definitely the most scandalous and tantalizing episode this show has produced yet, reminiscent of some of the racy hours that the original series often featured. Not all of those developments were good, though there’s one which seems to be fulfilling a lot of what several of our characters have wanted for a little bit now. Alice and Nat being unable to stop staring at Gigi during Shane’s party pointed them in the direction of the threesome that appeared to be inevitable since Alice complicated their relationship by inviting her new wife’s ex-wife back into their lives, and at least it’s a positive way of engaging together, as long as no one becomes overly fixated on the wrong person. That’s about the only romance headed in the right direction, especially since I suspect that all this time Dani is spending worrying about Bette’s affair is going to lead to them hooking up, which will make Sophie understandably furious. Tess gave Lena the opportunity to tell the truth about having slept with Shane, and she opted not to take it only to confess to what she had done seconds later after it was too late. Finley showing up drunk at Rebecca’s house to tell her that she could get over the religious thing didn’t come out at all as she planned, and it’s hard to imagine that she’ll be open to moving forward after that. José’s total cluelessness that he made Micah angry might actually help him since he’s still expressing interest in dating him, and I’m awfully curious to see what Shane’s wife has to say after showing up for her party.

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