Monday, January 13, 2020

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 10, Episode 10 “Now Leaving Illinois” (B+)

It’s funny to think that Kev and Veronica are so used to strange things like a couple being interested in them so that they could have an orgy, but that they didn’t expect to be so put on display as an example of why it’s bad to be poor for their child. Kev was ready to give away free abortions to every prospective parent who bid on them, so I guess they lucked out just having their social status judged – and misjudged, at that. It’s no surprise at all that Frank was able to argue his way out of a sentence, and I think everyone knew it was going to end up with him walking free and pissing Faye off a whole lot more. I’m glad that Ian and Mickey finally patched things up after awkwardly going after other men, and I like that it was Ian who punched Byron first for complaining about how he just wanted to get rid of the new roommate who was tormenting him. Carl’s time as a garbageman isn’t going all that well, and he hasn’t yet gotten accustomed to eating bagels from the trash. Liam needing to find Frank is a reminder that he is in fact a little kid, and he’s going to have to get creative if he wants to steer clear of the foster care system. Lip considering moving to Wisconsin with Tami to this big, free house is a game-changer, one that doesn’t necessarily take them off the show since there have been no reports of actor Jeremy Allen White leaving. Most entertaining and complicated of all is Debs, who has now been officially blackmailed by her girlfriend’s daughter into going to prom with her. That’s going to be an adventure.

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