Friday, January 3, 2020

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 10, Episode 8 “Debbie Might Be a Prostitute” (B+)

I would have thought that Debs would be excited about her newfound source of income, but it seems that she’s more interested in pursuing a legitimate relationship with Claudia and not being perceived as someone who should be paid for sex than getting some free money. I’m glad that Constance Zimmer is sticking around for a recurring gig, and I’m sure Debs is going to fall hard for her. I wasn’t quite as taken with the arc of Elizabeth Rodriguez’s role as Faye since it was sort of all over the place, with her immediately confirming that she did have a house, then going on about ghosts, and ultimately deciding to punish Frank for apparently getting off with no consequences and sending a black man to jail for forty years. It’s far from the strongest Frank storyline we’ve seen so far, though I imagine that, like most of his wild endeavors, it won’t last long. Leave it to Kev and Veronica to immediately spend an extra chunk of money they happened to come into and get roped into a pyramid scheme that backfired right away, but they may have found a way to sell what they were forced to buy and not be able to return. Both Liam and Carl are finding creative ways of getting into their industries, and I’m enjoying both threads quite a bit. Tami and Lip’s disagreement over who will be Fred’s legal guardians might get messy eventually, but they seem to be at an okay place at the moment. Paula’s death was quick and without fanfare, and I like that both Ian and Mickey were convinced that the other one was responsible. Deciding to get married so that they couldn’t testify against each other was sweet, but it ended in an unappealing and unfortunate way that hopefully won’t be permanent.

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