Wednesday, January 29, 2020

What I’m Watching: Will and Grace

Will and Grace: Season 11, Episode 7 “What a Dump” (B+)

I’m reviewing this episode now because I got confused since I thought the previous installment had this title due to Will’s assessment of his surrogate’s cluttered home. That means a double dose of this show this week, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Though this half-hour was relatively unsophisticated, it was pretty entertaining. Will was delighted to be able to heighten the awkwardness when James came into the elevator, pointing out not only that Grace should tell him that she was pregnant but also underscoring his need to ask whether the father was either his son or his father. He was surprisingly open to the idea of giving their romance another shot, and it took less than twenty-four hours for Grace to screw it up in an irreconcilable way. Though she played it up in truly dramatic fashion, and most people probably haven’t been told by a plumber that such a horrific feat couldn’t have been accomplished by a single person, I do think that it’s a situation and an embarrassment to which many can relate. That female cop didn’t help her out one bit, and that relationship is definitely over. Will correctly pointed out that Jack might be able to afford to pay for his own surgery if he didn’t focus on fancy outfits purchased solely for the flair of it all, and any argument Jack made was lost as soon as he charged Will for other things they hadn’t discussed. Him talking to the “wait” voice at a street crossing was both funny and somehow unsurprising. I enjoyed watching how frustrated Will got when Estefan continually insisted that the stories he knew from home were not the ones Will was referencing.

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