Thursday, January 9, 2020

What I’m Watching: Work in Progress

Work in Progress: Season 1, Episode 5 “66, 65, 64, 62” (B+)

This show really does present such a seamless blend of comedy and drama that can’t be found too often in other series. We haven’t spent too much time with Campbell up until this point, and in this episode we got to see just how much she tends to push Abby to consider what’s really best for her. Flashing back frequently to her helping Abby move in by herself was extremely informative, and we saw all those boxes labeled with her name before their significance was completely clear. Chris has been very understanding and kind about pretty much everything so far, and he put up with a lot from Campbell in terms of those underhanded comments about his age as compared to Abby’s. She did raise a valid point about how he didn’t want to talk about anything that came before regarding his dead name, which represented most of his life given his young age. But fortunately all seems to be good at the moment, as he reacted in exactly the right way to Abby coming clean about her system of trying to determine what’s wrong with her. In lighter moments, I enjoyed watching everyone get so frustrated with Abby’s dad being completely unintelligible on the phone and the sudden prominence of Mike, who spoke up for Chris and delightfully mispronounced the word “cis” in the process. Having supporting characters who barely appear or get to speak take on a more visible role is always a treat, especially on a show like this.

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