Wednesday, January 15, 2020

What I’m Watching: Work in Progress

Work in Progress: Season 1, Episode 6 “15, 14 (Pt. 1)” (B)

This wasn’t my favorite episode, only because it didn’t cover all that much happening, choosing instead to dive deep on a few facets of Abby’s extended universe. Her father’s wedding wasn’t all that dramatic, as it turned out, and he was fairly aware of why Abby might take issue with his getting married again so soon after the death of her mother. This was slightly reminiscent of “Fleabag,” with Abby just a bit more dramatic than the title character on that show and the new stepmother considerably more palatable. I also liked Abby’s conversation with her new stepmother’s son, which got very intimate and demonstrated how they both felt pretty awkward about the whole thing. He hit her well with a zinger about the age difference between her and Chris, and she took it in stride. Things were going relatively smoothly until she accidentally saw Chris’ dead name on the bottle and then was unable to reverse that discovery. Chris was completely oblivious to the fact that anything was wrong, and then he had to go and take her to a restaurant that happened to be his dead name. Blurring it out was a clever way of highlighting just how much it was impacting Abby and dominating her every thought. Keeping this secret bottled up from her partner who has been nothing but understanding isn’t going to go well, and I think we’ll be seeing Abby come undone in a way that will be hard to reverse after the damage is done.

In exciting news, this show has been renewed for a well-deserved second season!

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