Tuesday, January 7, 2020

What I’m Watching: The Morning Show

The Morning Show: Season 1, Episode 9 “Play the Queen” (B+)

This show finished airing its first season a few days before I reviewed the previous episode, and I’m catching up now on the remaining two installments right in the thick of awards season after this show failed to win the two Golden Globes I predicted it to this past Sunday night. This episode was intense, the definition of a penultimate installment that’s building for a truly explosive finale to come. Mitch going to see Hannah at the start of the episode to tell her that she could take control of her story seemed to catch Hannah off-guard, but it wasn’t until the scene at the end of the episode where Hannah tried to get Mitch to see things from her perspective that Mitch showed just how unable he is to see his own role in things. Chewing Hannah out for being too smart not to know what was going on was cruel, and the fact that he doesn’t believe he did anything wrong explains why this kind of thing happens so often in the industry. Claire sadly broke things off with Yanko for just that reason, since their relationship was completely consensual but even Hannah thought that it was problematic when it wasn’t. Alex did not react well to Bradley telling her that she met with Mitch, and her going straight to Fred to tell him what Bradley was planning demonstrated just how much she was looking out for herself. Throwing Chip under the bus is a decision she’ll surely regret, but he also didn’t mention anything to her about his separate meeting with Bradley and Cory. I didn’t mention just how excited I was that the incredible Billy Crudup scored a SAG nomination along with costar Steve Carell to go with his show-representing Critics Choice bid.

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