Friday, January 31, 2020

What I’m Watching: Shameless (Season Finale)

Shameless: Season 10, Episode 12 “Gallavich!” (B+)

It’s a shame that this show is over, but at least we have one more season to look forward to before it signs off for good. What a season ender this was, with a wedding hastily pulled together after Terry burned down the original venue. I love that they had to put Debs in a wedding dress and hide the fact that it was a gay wedding to trick the owners into letting it have them there, and that Ian’s devoted followers were able to keep Terry from interfering. Of course Frank would know and have earned the ire of the owner, but he didn’t actually cause much trouble, and even provided a great honeymoon car thanks to Liam. I was thinking that Julia would make a perfect match for Carl, especially since she’s not actually a lesbian, but she may be getting the Gallaghers into much more trouble than she’s worth. Debs got to run from the police in a way that we’ve seen Frank and Fiona do from other people before, and something tells me she’s not going down for this. It was devastating to see Lip drink after Tami essentially broke up with him, and showing up to ask Brad to come to a meeting with him was the right move. It even seems to have brought Tami back to his line of thinking, willing to give the house down the street a try. This has been a fantastic season that hasn’t felt Fiona’s absence thanks to the richness of all the other characters who I can’t wait to see again in season eleven.

Season grade: A-
Season MVP: Jeremy Allen White as Lip

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