Sunday, April 9, 2023

Take Three: Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole: Season 1, Episode 3 “The Algorithms of Control” (B-)

This episode answered some very important questions in a clear and direct way while bringing up a few more red flags that need to be addressed. It’s definite that Ben is John’s dad, and that he faked his suicide in order to make this invisible nemesis think that he was dead and thus protect his family from being harmed. His wife apparently knew, but John didn’t, and he ended up developing the company he built with his best friend Valence because they found John’s books. The closeness of their relationship and the reason for them parting ways makes it all more interesting, though disconnecting was obviously a bad idea because it led to all this. Being surveilled by Valence’s successor was a twist that made some sense, and Jo’s timely arrival and interruption helped to create some chaos for a minute. But then he went and did the same thing Valence did, suggesting that there’s someone so powerful who’s just able to keep encouraging high-powered individuals to end their own lives. The other major mystery is Hailey, who seems innocuous and just annoyed about being served eggs when she’s a vegan, but who also was signing into something on her phone when she managed to evade detection by the apple enthusiast who kept talking about how much he wanted to kill her. I’ll give this show another episode to see if all its disjoined plot points can actually create a coherent whole or if there are too many holes for it all to add up.

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