Saturday, April 8, 2023

What I’m Watching: Hello Tomorrow!

Hello Tomorrow! Season 1, Episode 9 “Certain Forces Once Unleashed” (B+)

Opening with Jack’s commercial suggests that things are going great, or at least back on track to the place they were before this. But that’s hardly the case, and Elle’s enthusiasm to make a profit has now made it so that what Jack always planned - building what he had been selling just in time for it to be real - isn’t actually possible. Her comfort with sending people up to the moon and making sure they couldn’t come back to tell everyone what it was really like was disturbing, and Jack seems to be out of options with no more room to delay. Herb and Betty are busy upselling and planning a way to get themselves there too, an unfortunate punishment that they don’t realize they’re bringing upon themselves. They also have no idea that going “over Jack’s head” is not something that will help them since he’s concocted the whole thing himself. Mildred got what she ultimately wanted and made it back on the launch list, disappointing Lester again, even though she’s sure to be right back there when she learns the truth. Joey coming in to offer testimony against Jack shows just how wronged he feels and, unlike everyone else who isn’t happy with Jack, how much damage he could actually do. Jack was surprisingly not angry about seeing the tape recorder fall out of his shirt and even confessed right into the microphone. It’s hard to know how this show will end, especially since the finale will presumably set up a theoretical second season while hopefully offering a decent conclusion just in case this is the end of it all.

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