Monday, April 17, 2023

What I’m Watching: Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole: Season 1, Episode 4 “The Person In Your Ear” (C+)

Hailey is now a full-fledged field agent after a few minutes of training from John and some clever improvisation with a police officer practically watching her shoplift something. This episode threw in a major twist that felt like it had to be impossible, and audiences got to experience that brief shock and then clarity along with Hailey after she nearly ran into people from her old life. It’s remarkably inconsistent what people, whether it’s John and Ben or the people they’re trying to stop, are able to dig up and what they’re not, and you’d think that Ben could have just forced Gao not to look at his phone for the duration of his visit rather than allowing himself to be photographed so that the real Crawley knows he’s alive. Similarly, how has the connection between Ben and John not been exposed, and, even moreso, that John has a son that his father doesn’t know about even though he really hasn’t done much to hide him? It does seem quite coincidental that people keep jumping off roofs, though the intern apparently improvised and threw Xander off to make a point, which seems reckless and likely to get him killed. The situation at their safehouse is getting ridiculous, with sound traveling everywhere and Edward obsessing over how his wife is cheating on him (even though she thinks he’s dead) with his neighbor. I did enjoy Edward explaining the Death Star reference to an entirely confused Ben, but I think I’m okay saying farewell to this show at this point even if it’s been a bit of over-the-top fun.

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