Tuesday, April 11, 2023

What I’m Watching: Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso: Season 3, Episode 4 “Big Week” (B+)

It’s nice to see that, especially given their very hostile beginnings, Roy and Jamie are in a much better place now. It’s still a rocky road, starting with Jamie thinking Roy was joking when he said they were starting at four in the morning and wondering how they were going to see, but they’re both dubious to a degree about Zava and his need to be the star. I enjoyed how Beard and Roy had a grand plan to outsmart Nate only to be asked whether Zava would actually do it, and showing the team the video of Nate destroying the sign created an unhinged anger among all of them that didn’t end up being helpful at all. Nate hiding in the corner of the elevator when it was just him and Ted there was definitely awkward, and it’s too bad Rupert showed up at exactly the moment that Nate seemed like he was going to offer some sort of reconciliation to his onetime mentor. Rebecca didn’t mince words when confronting Rupert, and may actually have reached him for the first time in a while. It’s hardly a surprise that Keeley had no idea who her boss was and that she was female, and their bathroom meeting suggests an interesting relationship to come. I was pleased to see Jodi Balfour, who previously played Jackie Kennedy on “The Crown,” as Alex, and I’m curious to see where that dynamic goes. I do hope that Shandy’s latest inappropriate solo decision will get Keeley closer to ousting her since she’s clearly bad news. I also enjoyed learning that, while he may be a mess, Ted has a five-star Uber rating because he regularly offers to drive if they look tired.

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