Monday, April 17, 2023

What I’m Watching: Succession

Succession: Season 4, Episode 3 “Connor’s Wedding” (B+)

I firmly believe that this is the most important show to watch as soon as possible if it airs since the likelihood of having something spoiled by a vague or not so vague post is incredibly high. This episode was a transformative one with a startling twist that was presented in a way none of its characters saw coming. To have Logan die and never once see his face is a bold decision, one that will surely pay off because of the performances and moments that event elicited. The not knowing whether he was actually gone was particularly striking since that uncertainty brought up a swell of emotions for everyone. His children were all far away and experiencing a range of feelings, and Roman getting stuck on whether he said he loved him was among the most potent of those. Kendall switched into action mode, trying to talk directly to the pilot even though there was nothing to do, while Shiv was upset that she hadn’t been there right away. Connor’s first response was about as harsh as his father always was to him, but he seems to have found himself in a good place with Willa while his siblings are still stuck trying to figure out what to do. Karolina and the team shifted right into action on the plane while Kerry was a mess, and there’s little question that she’ll soon be dismissed. That moment with Tom embracing Shiv for a second before she remembered their status now was one of the episode’s most haunting. Before all this craziness, we also got the humor of Greg insisting that he wasn’t just a word but a guy and a guest appearance from Jamie Chung as the wedding planner that sadly didn’t allow her to do much since the wedding was not the focus of this unforgettable episode.

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