Tuesday, April 4, 2023

What I’m Watching: How I Met Your Father

How I Met Your Father: Season 2, Episode 10 “I’m His Swish” (B)

There is quite an age difference between Sophie and Robert (actor John Corbett is twenty-six years older than Hilary Duff in real life), but he’s certainly more active than her friends were suggesting when they were teasing her about it. That age gap did manage to throw everyone else off, prompting Valentina to widen her age gap so that she could include younger men and Sid and Charlie freaking out about their gray hairs. With Valentina, that was especially bad timing since Sophie was already stressed about having to host a date after he had put on so many wonderful examples, and having both her roommate and her infantile date in the apartment at that time didn’t help matters at all. And then she spiraled, thinking that she was just like Swish, someone who was ready to propose to Valentina at the very start of their non-relationship (and who she questionably said yes to thinking he would just forget about it soon). The unsurprising truth was that Robert was just tired, pushing himself to stay up late on their dates so that she wouldn’t constantly remember his age. Though Jesse came off as very creepy when he tried to find himself a quick date with Ellen as his wingman, I did enjoy that plotline most, with Ellen and Rachel opting to have sex in Jesse’s bed after Rachel came home early and Rachel giving him plenty of shade for not using his bed enough himself. She already didn’t get along with Valentina, so we’ll see if Rachel is in this thing for the long term if she continues to alienate Ellen’s friends and family members.

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