Monday, April 10, 2023

What I’m Watching: Yellowjackets

Yellowjackets: Season 2, Episode 2 “Edible Complex” (B+)

It may not be at all pleasant to watch, but I can appreciate the way in which this show finally showed all its characters feasting for the first time on human flesh (this episode’s title is also superb). Taissa wasn’t having Shauna dressing Jackie up and talking to her for hours, and the suggestion to burn her body was rather harsh and unfeeling. But saving her uniform ended up being the least important part of the conversation when this hungry group smelled her burning body, and imagining themselves as being part of a ritualistic feast adorned in white clothing and crowns while in reality they were just devouring whatever they could was chilling. I’m glad that both past and present are now equally intriguing, and we’re seeing how things are anything but normal so many years later. Taissa calling her angry wife to say that their son came home during the day only to discover that she actually made the whole thing up was intense, and it feels like the car accident they got into might have been a deliberate way to cover up what’s happening to her. Natalie wasn’t convinced by what Lottie told her about Travis’ death, but it’s obvious that the post-plane crash experience seriously affected everyone in a lingering and traumatizing way. Callie is so angry at her mother and knows way too much about her involvement with Adam, but she doesn’t seem to be wielding it in the most destructive manner just yet. Maybe the detective played by John Reynolds can get something out of her without her having any idea that he’s working her. I’m most intrigued by the casting of Elijah Wood as the shorts-wearing son concerned about his mother’s care who is very much ready to get involved with Misty in a way that she doesn’t quite know how to process.

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