Tuesday, April 11, 2023

What I’m Watching: Perry Mason

Perry Mason: Season 2, Episode 5 “Chapter 13” (B+)

Perry is on the right side of history in the way he defends his clients and talks about society’s prejudices, but that isn’t endearing him to anyone at this point. The judge already doesn’t like him, and no one seemed bothered by the driver talking about how he “always watched those types carefully.” Arguing that the jury wouldn’t be able to identify anyone who wouldn’t want to kill Brooks didn’t help much, and hopefully his rather ironclad demonstration of how the fingerprint had to have been planted will sway the jury in the right direction. Finding that train set when he got home was an ominous way to end, as was seeing Pete with the prosecutor. Hamilton offering life in prison for both brothers with no possibility of parole or transfer suggested that their case is falling apart, but there are plenty of sinister things going on at the moment, particularly with Paul, who had to cross a line in order to get the answers he needed. Della’s newfound romance is passionate but also affecting her regular life, while Perry’s latest relationship may not actually be all that unhealthy. Ginny was clear-headed enough to remind Perry that he couldn’t just abandon his responsibilities and run away with her, and maybe she’ll be able to keep him on the proper path as he endures more intimidation in the process of this case. Nothing good lies ahead, and it feels like even getting the boys vindicated won’t end well for any of them.

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