Saturday, April 15, 2023

What I’m Watching: Hello Tomorrow! (Season Finale)

Hello Tomorrow! Season 1, Episode 10 “What Could Be Better?” (B+)

It always feels a bit strange watching a show’s season finale without knowing if it will be back for more. That’s especially true with this show since it’s hard to imagine what could come next. Jack, as always, thought that he had the perfect plan, barricading the customers desperate to get to the moon in an elevator they thought was malfunctioning so they’d be disappointed and ready to go up when the infrastructure actually existed up there. Lester messed up that plan by deciding that he was finally open to not playing by the rules, and Elle wasn’t the least bit concerned about who might get hurt if she was able to turn a profit. Jack made the right decision to go be by Joey’s mother’s side when she finally awoke from her coma, though it was hard to keep up the charade that they really had been happy together. Everyone still remains loyal to Jack to a degree, with Herb at first refusing to let Betty convince him that Jack was to blame and Eddie swayed by the new robotic hand that Jack got him, even if it did end up malfunctioning and accidentally killing Big Fred. This show has been so much about the theory and the way that talking about things can make them feel real, like the safety vests and the “perfect weather for a launch.” It’s been intriguing and overall very interesting, and I think I’m hooked enough to continue watching if a second season did get commissioned.

Season grade: B+
Season MVP: Dewshane Williams as Herb and Matthew Maher as Lester

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