Saturday, April 8, 2023

What I’m Watching: Ghosts

Ghosts: Season 2, Episode 18 “Alberta’s Descendant” (B+)

It’s fun to see Alberta get the chance to try to be a mentor of sorts to a relative who isn’t keen on listening to her advice, especially since it’s filtered through Sam trying to be nice and parse together the many things she wants to communicate. As Pete hated to have to point out, Sam really was to blame for rehabilitating Todd’s reputation by editing out the objectionable and problematic stuff he says during the podcast, making him seem like a perfect romantic fit for Alicia. Sam was able to swiftly dash any relationship hopes they may have had by mentioning his maternal roommate, his back tattoo, and the toenail he had preserved, but Alicia was already set on quitting her career as a lawyer to pursue her dream of being a singer. While Alberta had plenty to say about that, her impromptu performance was very moving, as was Alberta joining in with her for the pleasure of Sam and the audience. We’ll come back to that whole business of Alberta’s sister having potentially murdered her at a later date, I’m sure. I enjoyed Jay’s overenthusiasm for dating app tips and how he took his microphone privileges for commercials to a complete domination of the podcast. Hetty being ashamed of Trevor after Nigel blackmailed them led to Trevor voicing some actual, sincere feelings, which led to Hetty’s big reveal that no one understood because she used such fanciful language. Sasappis being disappointed in himself for not knowing the gossip was an entertaining moment, as was Pete repeatedly questioning whether Thor was just trolling them because he knew words like stereo and leather but still calls cars landships. His confusion about “codblocking” and its relevance to the episode was just fantastic.

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