Sunday, April 16, 2023

What I’m Watching: Lucky Hank

Lucky Hank: Season 1, Episode 4 “The Goose Boxer” (B+)

Lily predicting that Hank would end up either in jail or in the hospital felt oddly specific, but she wasn’t wrong, and after his grandstanding goose boxing moment that temporarily endeared him to his faculty, he did find himself in jail after being punched by a guy who was on the goose’s side. I enjoyed seeing Diedrich Bader’s Tony in that context, first antagonizing the local reporter and then educating other arrestees on Nietzsche while Hank was pondering the direction of his life. Kyle MacLachlan was a superb casting choice to play Dickie Pope, who was convinced that the school had too much fat and actually needed less funding, and the whole Jeffrey Epstein initial tie-in felt not all that relevant if slightly amusing. The notion that their department uniting means something because they’ve filed more grievances against each other than anyone else is pretty entertaining, and it was nice that Gracie finally got to read her poem, even if it was shockingly short. One of the English teachers misspelling “humanities” on their sign was not a high point. I was thrilled to see Jennifer Spence and Chris Diamantopoulos as Ashley and Tom, and Lily was startlingly honest as she just went ahead and told her old friend that she was just trying to get leverage for her existing job (apparently this position wasn’t actually available anyway). Tom kissing Lily and then her telling on him right away was unexpected, though those continued missed messages between Lily and Hank indicate that she may be much more ready to leave her small-town life behind than he is at the moment, regardless of the claims he always makes.

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