Wednesday, January 2, 2008

5 Great TV Shows On DVD To Get You Hooked: #2

Looking for something great to get into while the writers’ strike is going on and all your TV is off the air? Below is one of five shows that you can get into in the meantime.

24 Season One24 Season Two24 Season Three24 Season Four

Way back when, before this show was overwhelmingly popular, it was by far the most original and daring series airing on television. All the action takes place over one day, each episode taking up one hour of real time and ending in a cliffhanger. The first season is my absolute favorite out of any television show season I have seen. Kiefer Sutherland stars as greatly overworked Counter Terrorist Unit Agent Jack Bauer. This is another show made to watched in marathon from. The question is, do you have 24 hours to spare?

When you should be hooked: By the end of the first episode, but watch a few more hours if you are not sure.
How long you should keep watching: The first season, as I said, is the best. The second, third, and fourth seasons all do well enough. I strongly recommend stopping after that because the fifth and sixth seasons are actually really bad. Preserve your image of this show by ending it for yourself before it ends.
How you can get access to the show: All six seasons are out on DVD. The hopefully retooled seventh season has been delayed due to the writers’ strike, but should air sometime this fall or next spring.
Other shows you might like: Alias, Sleeper Cell

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