Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Second Run TV? Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Season 7, Episode 2 "Seeds" (C)

Why exactly does NBC advertise its episodes as new when this one clearly aired on USA back in October? Whatever. This "Law & Order" spin-off, now in its seventh season, needs some major retooling. Is it just me, or is this crew majorly understaffed? Vincent D'Onofrio and partner are gone from the opening credits, set to some techno remix of course, and now the cast is down to a mere three investigators. I have not watched this show in a while, but why are there no cue cards of addresses or that double-chime "Law & Order" is so well known for? Maybe it was never there on this show to begin with but then what is the point? There is absolutely no "order" except for the deals these cops try to make themselves. The pairing here always made me long for the hour to be up so that I could return to my reliably boring duo on the flagship show (although they were actually quite entertaining tonight). Chris Noth seems bored with his job and Alicia Witt does her very best to stick out at every juncture, wearing bright colors and jeans and talking like a punk. On top of that, our master emotionless villain this week has about 1,156 children but he is really not too subtle. I mean, come on, that red hair was a dead giveaway!

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