Monday, January 28, 2008

SAG Awards Winners

I did not do very well here. I correctly predicted 1/8 of the winners. Eek. I was not so sure about the "Sopranos" sweep, so I missed out on all the drama winners. Comedy-wise, I am glad Alec Baldwin beat out Ricky Gervais especially after the replay of that brilliant clip which will win him the Emmy. TV-movie-wise, it turns out I did see both winners but I do not think either deserved their trophies unless everyone else was really bad. I am thrilled for "The Office", however.

The winners:
THE SOPRANOS (Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Ensemble)
30 ROCK (Best Actor, Best Actress)
THE OFFICE (Best Ensemble)
KEVIN KLINE (Best Actor in a TV Movie)
QUEEN LATIFAH (Best Actress in a TV Movie)

That is all the awards business for now. On another note, it looks like both "Mad Men" and "Weeds" will soon resume production since their writers have been allowed to go back to work due to a WGA/Lionsgate deal. Both of their new seasons should premiere this summer.

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