Monday, January 7, 2008

TV Mini-Series: The State Within

Best as described as a British version of “24”, this taut mini-series about the British ambassador to the United States starts off with a bang. I do not think I have ever seen such extensive background development for a series. The most recent season of “24” has nothing on this show. The conspiracy on “Prison Break” is an embarrassment. This is a brilliant example of how a conspiracy can start out seeming excessive but in the end come together and actually make sense. While I am not sure if I really understood what was going on by the end, I had a great time watching in and finished all six parts in a day. Jason Isaacs, recently seen as Captain Hook, Lucius Malfoy, and mobster Michael Caffee on “Brotherhood”, plays completely against type as the do-gooder ambassador, but he does a terrific job. The rest of the cast is more than able and work together quite cohesively. I was not completely into some of the story along the way, but looking back on it all, I do not think I would have cut out anything. Anything that seems irrelevant comes together by the end, and that is really commendable. The last fifteen minutes are awesome, and the ending is one-hundred-percent fitting and just blew me away. If you have six hours to kill and enjoy a good thriller, check out this Golden Globe-nominated BBC mini-series on DVD.


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