Monday, January 14, 2008

Golden Globe Reactions

Read my reactions to the ceremony on Movies with Abe. The TV winners, several of which were altogether ignored and not announced, are not nearly as exciting as the film winners. New shows did well in the drama category ("Mad Men", Jon Hamm, and Glenn Close) and David Duchovny won but otherwise not so much for the new stuff. Tina Fey winning is fine by me, and sort of cool since you would think she would be the last person to win an acting award because she tends to cast herself as the "straight man" and she's just writing all the funny dialogue. I am going to pretend that "Extras" winning Best Comedy Series over four stellar nominees did not happen. Good for Jeremy Piven. When some people keep winning awards over and over (Hugh Laurie, Tony Shalhoub), it gets tiring, but Piven works for it every moment. The best part of the winners is the three trophies for "Longford". The Emmys got it so wrong with "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" but here they got it right. It is almost enough to make you forgive them for awarding Queen Latifah for "Life Support".

Best Drama Series: MAD MEN
Best Comedy Series: EXTRAS
Best Mini-Series/TV Movie: LONGFORD
Best Actor in a Drama Series: JON HAMM, MAD MEN
Best Actress in a Drama Series: GLENN CLOSE, DAMAGES
Best Actress in a Comedy Series: TINA FEY, 30 ROCK
Best Actor in a Mini-Series/TV Movie: JIM BROADBENT, LONGFORD
Best Actress in a Mini-Series/TV Movie: QUEEN LATIFAH, LIFE SUPPORT
Best Actor in a Supporting Role: JEREMY PIVEN, ENTOURAGE
Best Actress in a Supporting Role: SAMANTHA MORTON, LONGFORD

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