Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Golden Globe Winner Predictions: Best Actress in a TV Series – Comedy

The competition: Anna Friel’s perky reincarnation on “Pushing Daisies”, Christina Applegate’s amnesiac on “Samantha Who?”, Tina Fey’s frazzled showrunner on “30 Rock”, America Ferrera’s secretary on “Ugly Betty”, and Mary-Louise Parker’s creative mother on “Weeds”.
For your information: Ferrera won last year, and Parker the year before. Applegate has a previous nomination for 1998’s “Jesse” in this category. This is the first nomination for both Fey and Friel.
Who should win: Parker was astounding this season on “Weeds”, but I feel like this is Applegate’s only chance since her show is rapidly going downhill. Fey is great too.
Who will win: The newbie in a popular show, Applegate, should take it, but Fey and last year’s winner Ferrera have a shot.

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