Sunday, January 13, 2008

Golden Globe Winner Predictions: Best Drama Series

The competition: HBO’s polygamy drama “Big Love”, FX’s legal thriller “Damages”, ABC’s medical soap “Grey’s Anatomy”, FOX’s medical drama “House”, AMC’s period advertising show “Mad Men”, and Showtime’s King Henry VIII show “The Tudors”.
For your information: “Grey’s Anatomy” won last year with its second series nomination. “Big Love” was also nominated last year. Though it is not a new series, this is the first time “House” has been included in the list for best series. Every show but “Damages” has one acting nomination, while “Damages” has three. Both “Grey’s Anatomy” and “House” aired more episodes in 2007 than the rest because they have longer seasons and 2007 combines the second part of their previous seasons and the first part of their current seasons.
Who should win: I am not psyched about any of these, but I do think “Mad Men” is pretty good. To be fair, I have only watched the pilots of “Big Love” (B+) and “The Tudors” (B-).
Who will win: Battle of the new critically-acclaimed series. I think Mad Men takes it over Damages.

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