Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Golden Globe Winner Predictions: Best Actor in a TV Series – Comedy

The competition: David Duchovny’s sex-prone writer on “Californication”, Ricky Gervais’ struggling film actor on “Extras”, Steve Carrell’s inefficient boss on “The Office”, Lee Pace’s pie maker on “Pushing Daisies”, and Alec Baldwin’s corporate honcho on “30 Rock”.
For your information: Every actor has been nominated previously. Baldwin won last year, and Carrell the year before. Gervais won for “The Office” in 2003, and Duchovny received four nominations and one win for “The X-Files”. Pace was nominated for the TV movie “Soldier’s Girl” in 2003.
Who should win: Duchovny was terrific this season, but I would be happy with either Carrell or Baldwin.
Who will win: I think Duchovny can pull it off, but I am really worried about Gervais. This could easily go to any one of these five.

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