Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What I'm Watching: Prison Break

Prison Break: Season 3, Episode 9 "Boxed In" (F)

This show is still on? I thought maybe they broke out or all got killed during the hiatus time. All I can say is that whatever secretive plan that Michael, Whistler, and Gretchen are hatching better be worth it. Getting the general killed was ridiculous. He did deserve it though, for walking in front of Gretchen and just assuming she was telling the truth rather than, I don't know, checking the building carefully or not getting himself killed? Neat trick by Bellick but 1) we do not need the flashback (read my thoughts on unnecessary flashbacks here) to show us what we already saw happen and 2) who cares that Bellick, T-Bag, or Mahone is still in jail or alive? For that matter, who cares about all this rivalry between Lechero and Sammy and the guy Bellick killed? Not me. Sucre and Lincoln should just come in, guns out, and break them out. That would make for a more compelling show. This is the 53rd episode of "Prison Break". I think that is a problem within itself. No show like this should ever make it to 50 episodes. Worse still, there are four more installments produced to be aired over the next month. That makes for thirteen episodes this season - will they wisely wrap it up or will they try to drag it on just as long as they can?

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