Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What I'm Watching: The L Word (Season Premiere)

The L Word: Season 5, Episode 1 "LGB Tease" (B)

The fifth season premiere of this show is certainly enjoyable, but I feel like it is mostly wrapping up storylines from the last season rather than delving into this season's own issues. Papi has vanished into thin air, which is sort of unfortunate especially because her legendary entrance last season should have demanded even a minor acknowledgement of the fact that she does not appear to be on the show anymore (she does not appear on the show's website at SHO.com). Dallas Roberts as Angus has also vanished, leaving the obligatory lone male slot (Tim, Mark, then Angus) unfilled for the first time since the show's debut. Helena is in jail and does not seem to be coping well. That could be interesting but I worry that keeping characters completely sealed off from the rest of the show is a dangerous thing that could weaken the cohesion of the season. Tasha is back from Iraq, which is good along those lines, though her presence is completely unexplained. I like that Phyllis seems to be sticking around and is eager to explore the vast lesbian world. Shane cheating on Paige seems repetitive, but the arson incident at the end could prove interesting (though I assume that Kristanna Loken had planned to leave the show because she got her own now-cancelled series, "Painkiller Jane"). Bette being a control freak was tried and beaten to death last season, so hopefully the love triangle with Tina will get front-and-center treatment ASAP. The most gratifying thing for me is the complete villainizing of Jenny. I have hated her so much for the past three seasons and now it is clear that everyone (except Shane) really despises her. Her complete rewriting and fictionalizing of her "Lez Girls" is crazy and a sure sign of her impending downfall. I will definitely be there to see that.

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